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Hi! I’m Nicola

I have battled with my weight since I was a child.

Divorced parents, emotional eating, no clear understanding of what healthy meant. Who knows what the true cause was.

As a teen I was almost 6’ tall with a “large frame” and I was under the impression that I was just a “big girl” and had to accept that.

Through my college and adult years my weight went up and down depending on activity level and the latest “diet” I would try. I got married at 26, first child at 29, second child at 31… I was stuck at 200lbs and then a friend and I decided to make some changes!!!

We joined the gym, committed to morning classes and eating better – we challenged each other to lose weight… and we succeeded. Yes, there were some obstacles with the gym schedule, family time, sick kids, no solid nutrition plan… but I am a competitive girl

I lost 30 pounds in less than 6 months but I still struggled.

I was introduced to BODi (Beachbody) in January of 2010!

At home fitness was a game changer for me! Workouts I could do in my living room, on vacation… and eventually via my phone at the gym! A superfood shake that took the guess work out of one healthy meal each day. Meal plans and recipes that would fuel my workouts AND work for my whole family!

I had the tools to help me STAY in shape (and yes I have stayed consistent), to help me help others and MOST importantly, to help me help my kiddos so THEY don’t have to struggle with weight issues like I did as a teen and an adult!

BODi has been a GAME CHANGER for me ❤️

My Story

My first BODi program was Insanity!

That program was hard core, but committing to it, along with Shakeology, I was able to shred down to my lowest weight and kick start my passion for all things BOSi. I have since then completed almost EVERY BODi program!

One of my favorites is still P90X3 – weights and cardio and 30 minute workouts… and Tony Horton's entertaining humor ; I love the energy in TurboFire and, as I used to teach the gym version, it will always be a go to energy boost for me; more recently 80 Day Obsession, LIIFT4 and now #mbf. I love the “real time” format so every workout is unique! No repetition on jokes or identical workouts!

My body loves a combo of weights and cardio with some stretching and yoga days thrown in!

Another big perk of these programs! They are great for cross training for running or other sports activities. I can run a 5K with no training if my BODi workouts are consistent. I can also balance running and tennis in with many of the plans!

We are training for life after all – this shouldn’t be the only activity we get in our days… but if it is, you are still doing well!

I will admit, when I am not committed to a specific program I do tend to fall off track with my nutrition a little, but I know I always have the tools to get myself refocused but committing to another round!

A plan is always key, no matter where you are on your fitness journey!

What programs and products have you tried? What are your favorites?

What do you want to try?

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